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...seeing your potential coach through the eyes of others can give you a better sense of how the relationship is going to work for you.  Looking for the right combination of knowledge, motivation, passion, and accountability?  See what others are saying:

Because choosing the right coach is important...

Theresa - Seattle, WA

After training many, many years on my own and not fully achieving my goals I decided to go with a coach.  I wasn't sure how it would be having someone "dictate" my training to me, but Coach Moe is not like any coach I had ever envisioned.  He truly cares about his clients.  He wants to know what you think about the direction he is taking you in and how you are feeling, both physically and mentally.  His passion and excitement for the sport show in everything he does.  Mark is with you every step of the way, cheering you on.  And who doesn't need that when you are training?  It's been three months now and I've learned so much about training smart that my running has already improved.  Thanks Coach Moe!

Amanda - Bentonville, AR

I hired Coach Moe 6 months ago.  I needed someone to create workouts specifically tailored to my personal goals and fitness level.  Coach Moe spent about a week assessing my strengths, weaknesses, and doing a full fitness "test".  I receive daily, personalized workouts, weekly one on one coaching, constant support and I'm thrilled to have a coach and other "teammates" to train with.  Having someone who not only knows how to help me reach my personal fitness goals, but who challenges and supports me is absolutely worth it.  In October, Moe pushed me to break my personal record in the Chile Pepper 10K race.  I didn't think I had it in me, but Moe's motivation got me through and I beat my previous time by FOUR SECONDS!!!  I can, without hesitation recommend Coach Moe to runners, swimmers, cyclists and triathletes who are looking for someone to help them get to the next level

Cord - Seligman, MO

In 2011, I completed over 1000 miles of running and over 2000 miles of bike riding.   Following Coach Moe’s training schedule, I completed multiple 5K’s, 10K’s, Sprint Triathlons, an Olympic Triathlon, 100k Tour de Cure bike ride, The Eurekan (3 day endurance event),  2 half marathons,  4 marathons  and a Full Iron Distance Triathlon!   Even more amazing than just finishing these,  I was able to PR (Personal Record) in the 5k, 10K, Half marathon, and the Full marathon!  So after 9 years of running and 5 years of triathlons, to PR in all of the race distances that I ran last year en route to completing the biggest race of my life (Redman 140.6 Iron Distance Triathlon), I think that speaks for the level of training and dedication that Coach Moe invests in you to help you reach any goal that you have!